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We offer classes, personal training, fuel station and the latest gym equipment

Open Day small camera film clip… all new 4K movie camera promo’s and full website will follow shortly.

Strength & Conditioning

We have a wide variety of equipment to suit the needs of everyone looking to improve their strength, body shape or to feel more healthy and able in their daily routine.

Cardio & Weight Loss

Brand new equipment to cover the all over workout. New air conditioned rooms for new classes and personal training.

The Sprint Room

The new sprint and sledge room speaks for it’s self, give it a try, the results are amazing.

Boxing & Kickboxing

SCG now has two training rings, different sizes, and a huge space for working on techinque and fitness.

Food & Drink

We have snacks, drinks, protein… everything you need to help with your new fitness plan.

The Fuel Station

A new relax area for the pre & post workout time… watch this space.