Boxing & Combat

Boxing & Combat Classes

Boxing offers everyone the opportunity to achieve a fitness or life goal, but it can be intimidating to walk into a boxing club, so many people miss out on the benefits that it can provide.

South Coast Gym is set up to take people from beginners to advanced stage, so don't think you will be the only one there who has never boxed before.

The class offers individuals and groups the opportunity to train with boxing coaches in a safe, comfortable environment at a pace that works for you. Our programmes are based on the training principles used by amateur and professional boxers and can achieve outstanding results in weight loss, muscle gain and improved fitness and coordination. Boxing is also a hard to beat, stress busting workout that promotes discipline, respect and self-control.

You don't have to fight or have any physical contact unless you choose to. You do have to have commitment and a good attitude and you'll see amazing results.

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Aiden & Robbie
Robbie comes from a fighting background having fought in all different classes.  Robbie bring years of experience and is hands on.

Aiden is a ABA qualified coach who is passionate about correct technique and fitness levels.