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James Pearcy

07500 876 953

James has in-depth knowledge on body transformation. He offers sessions for beginners at the start of their fitness journey, to clients who need a focused fine tune.

Luís Souza



I have worked with a range of different client needs ranging from injury rehab, weight loss to muscle building. There is never a client I cannot cater to. 

My services include:

  • Tailored Programming
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Progress Tracking

There is nothing better than hard work in my books. If you have the right mindset and attitude anything is possible. The best feeling I get is when I see my clients get the results they deserve. 

Mel Perry

07711 212 417
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Mel covers all areas of fitness. Also, if the ladies would like bigger glutes, she has great workouts for the modern female physique.

Ed Booker



I specialise in body composition enhancement and physique development. I thrive on helping my clients transform and optimise their bodies, ensuring that they reach their goals in the most healthy and methodical manner possible.

If you want a no-nonsense, evidence-based approach when it comes to training and nutrition, then contact me for more information on my Personal Training and Online Coaching services.


Michelle Biggs

07722 145 489

Michelle offers fitness and combat personal training to everyone. She is also a combat class instructor on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


07557 947 874

I love making clients realise their bodies are capable of moving in ways they’ve never imagined possible. And changing ‘can’t’ to ‘I done it’.

Level 2&3 IAO Diploma in fitness instructing and personal training. Circuits

Joel Edwardes-Adenis




Ben Wylie

07792 095 180

Recovery is key to any form of exercise, I’m highly passionate making sure clients get the best out of their training. To get this I cover both training and recovery in the form of massage to speed up recovery process. 

Matthew Grant



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