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One of the great elements of finding your fitness, is you don’t have to do it on your own. Our Personal trainers and staff have knowledge and time to put you on your fitness journey. Set goals (making sure you keep them), diet, correct form (very important), and a great bit of chat to keep things ticking along, while you find your strength, loose weight, de-stress and feel good for everyday life. Need help choosing? Call us on 01903 764 955.

James Pearcy

07500 876 953

James has in-depth knowledge on body transformation. He offers sessions for beginners at the start of their fitness journey, to clients who need a focused fine tune.

Roberta Saidurov

07507 198 841

Roberta is committed to transforming your body and nutrition, either for self confidence or professional level. Every goal is achievable. Chat with Roberta.

Lee Jenman

07875 688 545

Lee offers boxing & fitness classes, PT sessions, diet and fitness advice. We have no doubt that any goal you throw at him, you will get there.


07711 212 417
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Mel covers all areas of fitness. Also, if the ladies would like bigger glutes, she has great workouts for the modern female physique.


07852 908 330
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Defined, straight forward, no-nonsense training, targets achieved, full stop.

Michelle Biggs

07722 145 489

Michelle offers fitness and combat personal training to everyone. She is also a combat class instructor on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.