TAB 8 Classes

The best of both worlds, giving you a traditional circuit and interval training class. This class incorporates new and exciting ideas. What makes Southcoast Circuits (aka TAB8) different is that the exercises resemble activities you do every day increasing the muscle strengthening and fat burning effects!

What this class is great for: A circuit class that will challenge your body in ways you could never imagine. After a South Coast Circuit class you can be sure to feel energised after enjoy a good cardio and strength workout session. What’s more, by doing functional styled circuits you can start to develop a lean and toned body whilst targeting all the main muscle groups, giving you a full body workout that will improve your fitness levels, health and aesthetics.

Roberta Saidurov

I have competed in both Bikini and Fitness Model categories gaining my PRO status. I am a keen bodybuilder and athlete looking to compete again. I am the Gym Manager so I'm here to help you with any questions or queries you may have. My extensive knowledge of Fitness will mean your get the best and most professional service.  If you need any help with your training or diet just let me know.